Residential Organizing

relocation/downsizing...need assistance in removal and streamlining function in a space.

bereavement assistance also available.


Personal Organizing

closets/pantry/storage area...any area in which the space needs a more defined purpose and more of a functional use.  This includes personal data too...

Business Organizing

desk/supply closet/filing system...create a system to increase personal efficiency and ​effective work space.

Event Organizing

meetings/parties/special occasions...can help create a workable plan for easy execution.

Professional Team

Cynthia Bawden
Professional Organizer

I am excited to help you.  I am a bit of a jack of all trades.  I have been self employed for over twenty years in a variety of industries, ranging from the auto business to restaurant/hospitality industry.  I am a creative problem solver with a main goal of organizing around your lifestyle and needs. 

There are no two zebras the same in nature and the way people require organizing services is no different.  I am here to help create and execute a plan that will help simplify your life. 

Founded on the principle that external simplicity creates internal calmness. Predictability in a space frees up time and creativity for those projects/things that truly make you who you are...
   Life is about to get easier

What We Offer